I know I’m more than a month late, but I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I hope the rest of the year is filled with opportunities and good times for everyone.

My summer holidays are coming to an end. I’ve enjoyed the break from university but the lack of a routine is getting to me, even more so that my family and girlfriend have gotten back into their daily routines.

In light of this, I’ve thought to myself about what I can do for the next month of my holiday. I can’t go on doing things without a cause, that seems to me like a waste of time. I could be more productive, I could be building things and learning in anticipation of going back to university.

I thought that I’d create some sort of agenda for me to follow: something that will remind me to get things done. As of right now, I seem to just be doing a lot of non-important things such as browsing the internet or screwing around with my XPERIA X10 Android phone.

It would be nice to work on some sort of project to be able to stick on my resumé for when I finish university, a project that would also further my learning in C#, .NET and give me more programming experience in general. That project is a Pawn IDE, simply named “PawnEditor”.

I’ve also started adding some improvements to LVA (a branch of LW_LVDM), I’m adding the ideas to LVA because LW_LVDM seems to be evolving into something different to what I envisioned. The first update to LVA will be a more friendly UI, those who have stumbled onto my Twitter page will have seen developments of that a couple of months ago.

Another thing I’d like to do is read in hopes of improving English literacy skills as I believe mine are starting to slip. Although I have quite a bit of spare time due to holidays, it still feels difficult to whip out an “old-fashioned” book and start comfortably reading. I am currently attempting to read a novel named Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand, which I hope can be finished in good time.

Finally, it think it would be a good idea to post some Pawn tutorials. I believe that the best way of learning is to teach, therefore if I post up some Pawn tutorials it will also help me clarify and remember programming and Pawn concepts.