You know those Microsoft Points (MSP) that are given away during promotions; those points that usually won’t buy you anything? Well today those random MSP have finally added up to something worthwhile– Perfect Dark 64.

I’ve always been meaning to purchase Perfect Dark 64 for my Xbox 360, however, I never got around to doing so. I didn’t have the time nor did I want to hassle around with purchasing MSP. The excess MSP usually accrued through a MSP card purchase means that I would’ve essentially been mini-banking with Microsoft; the kicker being that my money is not “universal” once deposited.

As soon as the game had installed I didn’t hesitate to start playing it. Once the game had finished loaded up I knew a mistake had not been made, the joys of gaming in my “tween” years were revived. The tunes were in-tact, the resolution was better than ever, the controller scheme had been updated and everything else was just as I remembered it (perfect?)

I started with the tutorial part of the game to refresh my memory; the Carrington Institute was a nice hit of nostalgia. Grinning from ear to ear at what seemed like a “steal”, I then decided to play the solo missions on the toughest difficulty. The game was a lot more difficult than I remembered here. I believe the difficulty was just a controller change and the fact that I’m not very accustomed to controller FPS.

Playing around on solo for a bit when I decided I needed to share my new found joy. I introduced my younger sisters to the game via multi-player. Local multi-player is what I’ve truly missed from the current generation of consoles, it’s something that needs to return.

I do not have a single Xbox 360 game that provides multi-player magic like Perfect Dark 64. The only game with FPS multi-player that I own on Xbox 360 is Borderlands. The multi-player in Borderlands is clearly just tacked in there; it depends on where players are in the story which usually means that both players do not get the same enjoyability.

After playing the game with my sisters for approximately 3 hours I had proven the awesomeness. My little brother who used to play the game religiously with a friend and I is about to relearn what it’s like to have fun local multi-player gaming.

At a special price of 400 MSP, I highly recommend you purchase the game. You can get to the Marketplace page by clicking this link.